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Trade: winter sales could be advanced by one week this year

Savings: 12% of French people have no financial assets

Several trading organizations have asked the government to advance the date of the beginning of the balances to January 2nd. The Ministry of Economy and Finance has to give its decision Monday 31 December at the latest.


Christmas: more than 51 million bank card transactions in one day, record breaking

More than 51 million transactions in 24 hours. Saturday, December 22, set a new record for credit card payments. It’s more than during the last Black Friday.


Consumption: a Casino supermarket is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, in Lyon

Consumption: a Casino supermarket is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, in Lyon

A Casino supermarket has been open continuously in Lyon since December 6th. After midnight, guests can pay for their shopping through a mobile app or at the pay stations. About fifty people crisscross the shelves each night.


Sustainable development: soon a “zero waste” street in Paris

Is the Rue de Paradis, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, going to take up the “zero waste” challenge? The City Council and the association “Zero Waste Paris” have launched the operation and offer residents and traders a set of measures, tools and information to better manage the nine tons of waste that generates this street every week .


Christmas shopping: Secretary of State asks French people to prefer Internet shopping

Christmas shopping

Asked this Thursday, December 13 on RTL, the Secretary of State to the Minister of Economy Agnès Pannier-Runacher asked the French to make their Christmas shopping in local shops rather than on Internet platforms “that do not pay in France “.


Taxes: the government cancels the fine of 15 dollars in case of payment by check

The Minister of Action and Public Accounts has announced the abolition of the penalty of 15 dollars minimum, imposed on taxpayers who refuse to use dematerialized payment for taxes and over 1,000 dollars. The French who have paid their property tax by check will finally not be punished.


Carrefour will open a store without cash on the model of Amazon Go

amazon go

Inspired by Amazon Go stores in the United States, the Carrefour group is expected to open a small area equipped with cameras in March 2019 to allow customers to pay without having to check out. This store in Massy will only be open to employees of the group.


Savings: 12% of French people have no financial assets

Older people have less financial wealth than younger people, according to a report from INSEE. They are only 86% to hold a savings account or shares against 90% for under 30s. But the over 60s are catching up on the real estate heritage.


Taxes: France is the European Tax Champion for the third year in a row

financial loan

dollarstat, the statistical research body of the European Union, has published its report on taxation in European countries. With tax revenues representing 48.4% of its GDP, France has the highest level of taxation in the EU for the third year in a row. A position that it owes in particular to the importance of social contributions.


Bitcoins at tobacconists: financial authorities warn French

The French financial authorities warn about the risks associated with cryptoactives, while the Confederation of tobacconists announced that tobacco shops would sell from 1 January 2019 these virtual currencies.