The loan brokerage will probably develop

In recent years, a number of loan intermediaries have started to appear on the market. When we started this site in 2009, it was really only Good Finance that were on the market.

I have expressed several times that I am satisfied with this development as I basically believe that many borrowers save money when they turn to these loan intermediaries.

What I wonder is how their products will change in the coming years


Because as it is now, they convey the most. Freedom Finance also has mortgages in its assortment, but there it feels like they only have contact with any special lender as their interest rates are clearly higher than it is with the big banks.

Mortgages are clearly something that they can clearly develop, I think when it feels like loans that would be good for mediation. There are also no loan brokers working with micro loans and you can wonder if there will be any investment in it.

At the moment, there are quite a few sites such as this one that compare lenders, etc. within this industry, but there are small players behind these sites. Then it is not certain that the slightly larger companies want to start working with this type of loan since they do not immediately have a good reputation. However, many customers are likely to be interested in this.

A small problem that many do


Not know about with the mortgage brokers is that they are not connected to all the lenders available. The big banks are not at all represented by the intermediaries, but this is something I definitely think will change in the coming years. The banks will probably lose too much money from not joining as more and more people will use loan intermediaries.

All in all, I think some will happen in this industry over the next few years. Then it will probably not be exactly as I think since it never really gets that way.